Visual Art - Sculptures


Bust of HARALD EDELSTAM - inaugurated May 11th 2016, at the Swedish Parlamient - Stockholm Sweden.

Photo; M. Dahlström - Riksdagsförvaltning

Inaugurated by the Chilean president Michelle Bachelet and the president of the parlamient Urban Ahlin in the presence of the King & the Queen of Sweden, Caroline Edelstam, granddaughter of Harald Edelstam and swedish and chilean authorities.





A public sculpture at the center of Uppsala, Dragarbrunnsgatan/ St. Persgatn, inagurated in 2012.

This work represent a well which originally could be found in one of the main streets of Uppsala in the 19th and mid-20th century. The sculpture is designed from a photograph printed on glass and the base structure is built from a concrete base covered with granite, aluminum, and glass.

The photo of the sculpture