Visual Art - photography


Coming exhibitions: IX International Biennial of Art SIART-Bolivia, 2016

I will participate at SIART, La Paz Biennial - Bolivia, beginning October 10th 2016.

The title of my exhibition is: "WHY?". A serie of photos.


Past exhibitions:

"Okänd mark" (Unknown land)

I am participating in this collective exhibiton

December 19th 2015 - January 17th at EDSVIK KONSTHALL Öst - Stockholm
Opening December 19th 11 - 17 hours. Opening speech of Jan Sandquist and Eva Zetterberg, Svwedish ambassador in Chile between 2009-2014
EDSVIK KONSTHALL Landsnoravägen 42  192 51 Sollentuna  Phone: 08-92 05 00  Open times:  Thusdays - Sundays 11 to 17 hours



Latest participation


For the Photo Festival exhibition I showed a triptych of portraits of people that I have met in different places of the world through my travels.

Every picture portrays individuals in a chosen and certain moment of their lives. The portraits depict these people with their different mental states and emotions. They are expressions from independent individuals with a specific integrity that has been formed by their experiences in life. But these expressions share something in common; a state of being. To just be becomes a self-expression in itself. In this, I believe we all are the same, no matter of our exterior or inner differences.

However, it is not only me who sees these individuals through the portraits; they themselves see me and my state of being. They see me and my internal feelings and emotions and through me the essence of being passes through to the viewer. My lens, my glance, my state of being gets an expression through their glances and their being. It is a reciprocal experience where the photographic expression confronts the viewer who gets admission to different manifestations and in that, also a path into their own state of being.

Together with the triptych I showed a video I shot of a woman who makes her living by collecting cardboard pieces on the streets. She sings a spontaneous song to life and lets us understand one of the very simple but nonetheless important meanings of the work I’m presenting here; “we all are the same, we are all human beings independently of our material conditions and/or lifestyles. We are our selves.