Conservation - Paintings

Typical treatments on paintings


Cleaning involves a carefully removal of any surface dirt and degraded, yellowed varnishes, both of which distort colours, mask tones and blur detail.

Structural Repair: 

Structural damage to canvas paintings, i.e. tears and holes, as well as craquelure is always remediable, and we have a vast experience in carrying out local tear-mending, and the patching of damages.


Some undertaken works

Swedish church

In 2006 we conserved the whole collection of portrait ­paintings in the Archi-bishop house in Uppsala.


At the Library of Uppsala

Sträckande svanar - Bruno Liljefors - Oil on canvas


Uppsala paintings - Gusten Widerbäck


Other conservation of paintings

1800th Tempera painting . Conservation

Cleaning - Anton Genberg


Retouching - Eugène Delacroix


Retouching - Girl

Other treatment examples:


Protection & proper hanging wire