Conservation - Sculptures

Treatments on outdoor & indoors sculptures


Cleaning involves a careful treatment & the removal of any surface dirt and degradations.

Surface treatment / protection

We apply wax formulas to fix the patina & protect the surface from outdoor environment.


We apply several dispersions coats & chemical mixtures (patinas) to acquire a proper and desired esthetical surface (colors and shades of different kinds).

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Boys in the hood - Emma Kronwall - Gränbybackar

recently Undertaken works

Wilma - Hanna Beling - Biotopia Vasaparken


Conserved & Restored summer 2016

Conservation of "Nackens polska" - Bror Hjorth - Resecentrum - Uppsala



Bubbelkluster - S. Engström - Vasaparken


Prinssesan från Ur - U. Liljefors - Ekeby - Restoratiom


Poetisk viloplats - Ulla Viotti - Tullgarnsparken

Lill & Lisa - Aline Magnusson - Frodeparken

other works


Sculptures from Upplandsnation - Uppsala

Conserved & Restored summer 2015


At Frodeparken - Uppsala



Gås Anders - Björklinge


Concrete Queen - Anna Karin Brus

Surface treatment & grafitti protection (waxing)


Myself at work